Exotic Teas & White Girl Tea. Can you spot which one it is? Lol😋😂☕️🍵💛🎃
10.20.14 /01:53
New arm candy💛
10.18.14 /21:49
What’s dinner without dessert? Homemade strawberry cheesecake anyone?😋❤️🍓😋
10.16.14 /21:26
London Broil smothered in onions & baby Bella mushrooms cause that’s just how I do in the kitchen😋🐄🍄😋
10.16.14 /20:48
Caprese: fresh mozzarella & tomato drizzled w/ olive oil & seasoned w/ salt & pepper. Mangiamo!😋🍴🍅🍴🇮🇹😋
10.16.14 /20:07
Fair trade Dark Chocolate💜🍫💛
10.15.14 /11:39
They didn’t have pumpkin pie ice cream today at Baskin Robbins so I got a large Trick-or-Treat milkshake instead. It was sooo goooodddd!!😋👻🍦🍫🍪🎃😋
10.14.14 /23:21
(Late post) Fancy Smancy food at the swanky shindig of @jimmyolivero from •10/11/2014•. Fat Queen (moi) ate yummy prosciutto, Italian truffle cheese, bread, veggies, an oyster, & who can forget s’mores when you have a kickass firepit to roast marshmallows in?! YUM😋 I love you, @parallelunivers3. So cannot wait for more nights like this one😍💫🌌🔥💫😍
10.14.14 /23:08/ 1
Sangria, smokes, & great conversation w/ my love, @parallelunivers3, beside a beautiful firepit underneath the stars & night sky🌌•Oct. 11, 2014•🌌🍷🚬🔥
10.13.14 /02:25
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